<<Our hospitality>>

The founder, Isao Kenmochi, was working as a row silk inspector in Yokohama.
He decided to have a professional and started to master to be a watchmaker.
After that, we return to Agatsuma, his home town, and started the company “hamaya watch store”.
We think the exercise of hospitality with appreciation and sincerity is the most important,
We continue to be particular about our skills, items and hospitality.

<<Our policy>>

We have sincerity and feelings of gratitude to our customers.
We value customes’ satisfaction and local contribution.
We contribute to society with honest sales.

Company name
Hamaya Co., Ltd.
Kotaro Kemmochi
Head office
〒377-0424 1756-2, Nakanojo, Nakanojo, Agatsuma, Gunma
50,000,000 JPY
Main bank
Gunma bank, Towa bank, Kamitsuke credit union and Kitagunma shinkin bank
Major activities

selling and repairing glasses, jewels, noble metals, watches, hearing aids, clothes, bags, shoes and idea goods.

Number of stores


  HAMAYA's history

in 1953

Isao Kenmochi founded HAMAYA as a private concern, which specialized in clocks.

in 1961, 5/25, to the limited company.
in 1967 opened the new branch at Tsumagoidaimae.
in 1987, 11/27, to the stock company.
in 1995, 8/25,

relocated  the head office to the current location.

in 2001, 1/15 reloceted the branch shop to Naganohara shopping center.
in 2004, 10/1 join the voluntary chain of “Ginza washin megane”
in 2006, 3/1 renewed the head office.
in 2016, 3/18 ” FACTORY900 GUNMA BASE ” opens in Nakanojo store.

hamaya stor infomation

1756-2, Nakanojo, Nakanojo, Agatsuma,
Gunma 377-0424, JAPAN

Open   Ten am to seven thirty pm
closed Closed every Thursday from April, 2018

E-mail info@hamaya-shop.jp


230-1, Ootsu, Naganohara, Agatsuma,
Gunma 377-1308, JAPAN

Open   Ten am to seven pm
closed Closed every Thursday from April, 2018