frequently asked questions

how long does it take to get the items?

If we have stocks, we ship the items in two days.
If we don’t have stocks we ship the items after they are arrived.
It takes about 1 month to ship the products to be processed,

We’ll announce you the estimated delivery date when we receive your order.
can I arrange the date and time to deliver ?

Yes, but the date must be after the earliest date of our shipment.

In detail, please go to about internet-order seivice
do you ship to overseas ?

Yes. we ship via EMS and fedex.
The shipping charge must be paid by customers.

can I order by telephone ?

Yes, but only in Japanese.
If you would like to order in English, please order from “contact form”

can I cancel or change my order ?

Yes, but  the items must be nonuse. And it’s acceptable within 8 days from the day the items arrive.
The items customized and lenses cannot be canceled and changed.

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